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Welcome to Llangwm's Homepage

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Located in Pembrokeshire's National Park, the village of Llangwm nestles into the western bank of the Cleddau Estuary.

Aerial Llangwm

Llangwm is a village with a history that dates back to the vikings who used to sail up the Cleddau Estuary to winter. The village was known at "Langheim" then. The parish church itself dates back to the early 13th century and it is known that there was a church on the site long before then.

Llangwm's traditional industries were farming and fishing. For centuries Fishing on the Cleddaufishermen and women from the village would ply the waters of Cleddau in search of the day's catch. Llangwm's link with the fishing industry is also evidenced by the many traditional Pembrokeshire Fisherman's Cottages, long, narrow single storey stone built buildings that can be found throughout the village.

The fishing industry is now gone, but Llangwm today is a popular, Graham Brace - Llangwm Pillthriving village. Still with its strong sense of community, it welcomes visitors, whether they are on holiday or just making a day trip to the area. Llangwm offers sensational scenery, wonderful walks, easy access to Pembrokeshire's beaches and family attractions, a perfect visit if on a cycling holiday and somewhere from where one can launch a small boat to explore the Cleddau.

One feature of Llangwm life is its scarecrows and these go Shrekon show to the public during the village's festival, which normally runs during the last week of June or the first week of July. Shrek on the right is just one example of the many Llangwm scarerows that have been on display over the years. This one was over 7 metres tall.

This website is designed to provide villagers and visitors to Llangwm alike, with all the information they might need to find out what is happening in the community; sports to take part in, clubs to join, places to worship, artwork to buy or simply to enjoy a nice meal at the village pub, navigation through this site will provide all you need to know.

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