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Jane Goupillon

To me she was the "Boss" and to her I was always "Mate". I have known Jane almost from the day I arrived in Llangwm after retiring here from the broadcasting industry in Cardiff. I couldn't help but like her from the moment we met. This wasn't just a woman with a deep faith, but a woman who enjoyed life and who came to love this community.

You didn't have to be Christian or even of any faith to like her, yet she could get anyone to do things which she felt important for the village. She was wonderfully scatty which just endeared people to her and I remember the occasion shortly after I arrived when she had to publish the bans of marriage of a young couple, only to discover that she'd left the marriage book in the Rectory and had to send someone to get it for her. There are so many stories like that which turned Jane into an absolute star.

Jane could also simply be a good friend, nothing to do with faith, indeed nothing to do with the village. Simply a 'Good Mate'. I will miss her dearly.

Pam Hunt

The Vicar of Dibley?

If it wasn't for Jane, I would not have the wonderful job I have now.  She encouraged me to apply.  I shall miss our daft banter on religion, Darwinism and being Dibley or the Great Dibbler as I called her.  

She was always cheerful even when I knew full well she was ill.  I will never forget when she came home from her operation only to be found out walking the dog with a Catheter and a drain in place. I spoke to her in her dressing gown. I said "You are either mad or a very tough cookie".  She just smiled and said, "I have to walk the dog".  But to me, she was a very tough cookie!  She always had time to talk especially if she wanted me to do something! You will do this won't you?  "Of course Jane, I’m glad to help". (What did she just con me into?).

When I first met her she said to me, "You will have to come to a service."  I replied, “I'm not religious and I might get struck by lightning if I cross the threshold.”  She persuaded me to give a talk on Africa and guess what?  It was a Sunday service.  She’d won!  I thought very highly of her and I loved her outlook on life.  It is for the fun things that I will remember the lovely Rev Jane (Dibbler!)

Steve Richards


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