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Llangwm Gardening Club

The Gardening Club meets at 7.30pm on the first Monday of each month at The Cottage Inn for talks, demonstrations, to share gardening tips, information, and arrange events.

The Gardening Club is always looking for new members to join. To become a member contact the Secretary:

Contact Llangwm Gardening Club:

Val John - gardening@llangwm-pembrokeshire.org.uk


Llangwm Local History Society

Founded in June 2002, The Llangwm Local History Society's aim is to combine visits to local heritage sites and attend lectures from subject matter experts with a lively programme of social activities.

Members of the Society agreed at the March 2010 AGM that the regular monthly meetings in the community hall would cease and in future there would be fewer events and that they would be organised on an ad hoc basis. These will be advertised by posters in the village and on this web site.

We always welcome new members and to become a member or make any other enquiry, please contact:

Liz Jones - history@llangwm-pembrokeshire.org.uk

See News Page for upcoming events


* Film * Film * Film * Film * Film * Film * Film * Film * Film *
Did you, your parents, or your grandparents ever own a movie camera in Llangwm? If so, are there some old cans of film buried away in your attic. The Llangwm Local History Society is keen to discover whether any movie film exists of life in the village any time during the 20th century. It doesn't matter about the state of it or its guage. If you do have some film buried away, could you contact either Liz Jones aliz@tesco.net or Pam Hunt pamela-hunt@btconnect.com


Burton Branch,Conservative Association

The Burton Branch covers Llangwm and neighbouring communities, meet on the first monday of each month at 11.00am at the Ferry Inn Llanstadwell.

As well as discussing political topics and helping to shape local policy, members enjoy many social activities with the other association branches in North Pembrokeshire. These include Luncheon Club meetings, Coffee Mornings, Quiz nights and walks lasting for either half or a full day exploring the hidden gems of Pembrokeshire. We are always happy to welcome new members to the Association.

Contact Telephone 01646 600274

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