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Film Club @ St Jerome's


The Film Club is fully licensed to show these films, and officially one should be a member to see them.  However guests can purchase a day membership for £3.00 for adults and £1 for children.   


2019/20 Programme


Friday 20th December - 7:00 pm


(PG, 1975, 129 mins)

Stars: Sean Connery, Michael Caine, Christopher Plummer
Writer: John Huston, Gladys Hill.
Director: John Huston
Synopsis: Nominated for 4 Oscars and another 4 awards, this adaptation of the famous short story
by Rudyard Kipling tells the story of Daniel Dravot and Peachy Carnahan, two ex-soldiers in India
when it was under British rule. They decide that the country is too small for them, so they head off
to Kafiristan in order to become Kings in their own right. Kipling is seen as a character that was
there at the beginning, and at the end of this glorious tale.
Studio / Distributor: Columbia Pictures.


Saturday 21st December - 4:00 pm

Christmas Special Screening


(U, 2013, 100 mins)

Stars: Hans Matheson, Samantha Barks, Lesley Manville
Writers: Max Lucando, Candace Lee.
Director: John Stephenson
Synopsis: A pastor who's suffered a personal loss accepts a position in a town that believes in a
Christmas miracle candle, which he strives to abolish.
Studio / Distributor: Pinewood Studios, Big Book Media, Impact Productions LLC.


Saturday 28th December - 4:00 pm

Christmas Special Screening


(U, 1965, 138 mins)

Cast: Stuart Whitman, Sarah Miles, James Fox, Terry Thomas, Eric Sykes, Alberto Sordi, Robert
Morley, Gert Fröbe, Jean Pierre Cassell, Irina Demmick, Benny Hill, Tony Hancock,
Yûjîro Ishihara, Fred Enmy, Flora Robson, Karl Michael Vogler, Sam Wannamaker, Benny
Hill, Maurice Denham, Willie Rushton, Jeremy Lloyd.
Writer: Jack Davies, Ken Annakin.
Director: Ken Annakin.
Music: Ron Goodwin
Synopsis: Epic Comedy with an international cast, winner of 1 Oscar, nominated for another and
7 other nominations. In the infancy of aviation in 1910, a British newspaper offers a prize
for the winner of a cross-channel air race which brings flyers from all over the world. There
are many subplots as the flyers jockey for position and the affections of various women.
Studio / Distributor: 20th Century Fox.


Friday 17th January - 7:00 pm

Film Club @ St Jerome's


(PG, 1941, 118 mins)

Stars: Walter Pidgeon, Maureen O’ Hara, Anna Lee, Donald Crisp, Roddy McDowell.
Writer: Philip Dunne (based on a novel by Richard Llewellyn)
Director: John Ford
Synopsis: Shot in the USA with a mainly British cast during WW2, Winner of 5 Oscars plus
another 8 wins and 6 nominations. Set in 1901, Life is hard in a Welsh mining town and no
less so for the Morgan family. Seen through the eyes of the family's youngest, Huw, we
learn of the family's trials and tribulations. Family patriarch Gwilym and his older sons
work in the mines, dangerous and unhealthy as it is. Gwilym has greater hopes for his
youngest son, but Huw has his own ideas on how to honour his father. Daughter Angharad
is the most beautiful girl in the valley and is very much in love with Mr. Gruffydd, who isn't
sure he can provide her the life she deserves. Times are hard and good men find themselves
out of work and exploited by unseen mine owners.
Studio / Distributor: 20th Century Fox.


Friday 21st February - 7:00 pm


(U, 1969, 111 mins)

Stars: David Bradley, Brian Glover, Freddie Fletcher, Colin Welland
Writer: Barry Hines (Novel & Screenplay)
Director: Ken Loach
Synopsis: (2 BAFTAS – Best Newcomen, Best Supporting Actor. BAFTA Nominations, Best Film
& Best Screenplay. Writer’s Guild of Great Britain, Best Screenplay. Bullied at school
and ignored and abused at home by his indifferent mother and older brother, Billy Casper
(David Bradley), a 15-year-old working-class Yorkshire boy, tames and trains his pet
kestrel falcon whom he names Kes. Helped and encouraged by his English teacher Mr.
Farthing (Colin Welland) and his fellow students, Billy finally finds a positive purpose to
his unhappy existence, until tragedy strikes.
Studio Distributor: Kestrel Films, Woodfall Film Productions.


Friday 20th March - 7:00 pm


(PG, 1973, 129 mins)

Stars: Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Robert Shaw.
Writer: David S Ward.
Director: George Roy Hill.
Music: Scott Joplin.
Synopsis: Winner of 7 Oscars, another 11 awards and nominations for 6. Johnny Hooker, a
small time grifter, unknowingly steals from Doyle Lonnegan, a big time crime boss. Lonnegan
demands satisfaction for the insult. After his partner, Luther, is killed, Hooker flees, and seeks the
help of Henry Gondorff, one of Luther's contacts, who is a master of the long con. Hooker wants to
use Gondorff's expertise to take Lonnegan for an enormous sum of money to even the score. They
devise a complicated scheme and amass a talented group of other con artists who want their share
of the reparations. The stakes are high, and our heroes must not only deal with Lonnegan's
murderous tendencies, but also other side players who want a piece of the action. To win, Hooker
and Gondorff will need all their skills...and a fair amount of confidence.
Studio / Distributor: Universal Pictures.


Friday 17th April - 8:00 pm


(PG, 1988, 124 mins)

N.B. In Italian with English subtitles

Stars: Philippe Noiret, Enzo Cannavale, Antoinella Attill.
Writer: Guiseppe Tornatore,
Director: Guiseppe Tornatore
Synopsis: No 52 in world’s top rated movies, winner of 1 Oscar, plus 24 0ther Awards and a
further 31 nominations). A boy who grew up in a native Sicilian Village returns home as a
famous director after receiving news about the death of an old friend. Salvatore
reminiscences about his childhood and his relationship with Alfredo, a projectionist at
Cinema Paradiso. Under the influence of Alfredo, Salvatore fell in love with film making,
with the duo spending many hours discussing films and Alfredo teaching Salvatore the
skills that became a stepping stone for the young boy into the world of film making. This
film explores a young boy's dream of leaving his little town to foray into the world outside.
In Italian with English Subtitles.
Studio / Distributor: Cristald Films, Les Filmes Ariane.

Planned for the 2020/21 Season



(PG, 1962, 180 mins)

Cast: Peter O’ Toole, Alec Guinness, Omar Sharif, Anthony Quinn, Jack Hawkins, Anthony Quayle.
Writers: Robert Bolt & Michael Wilson
Director: David Lean
Synopsis: Winner of 7 Oscars, plus another 23 awards and 14 further nominations. Due to his
knowledge of the native Bedouin tribes, British Lieutenant T.E. Lawrence is sent to Arabia to find
Prince Faisal and serve as a liaison between the Arabs and the British in their fight against the
Turks during WW1. With the aid of native Sherif Ali, Lawrence rebels against the orders of his
superior officer and strikes out on a daring camel journey across the harsh desert to attack a wellguarded Turkish port.
Studio / Distributor: Horizon Pictures & Columbia Pictures Corporation.



(15, 1972, 124 mins)

Cast: Lisa Minelli, Michael York, Helmut Griem
Writer: Joe Masteroff, John Van Druten.
Director: Bob Fosse
Music: John Kander, Ralph Burns
Synopsis: Musical, Winner of 8 Oscars, 27 other awards and 15 further nominations. Cambridge
University student Brian Roberts arrives in Berlin in 1931 to complete his German studies.
Without much money, he plans on making a living teaching English while living in an
inexpensive rooming house, where he befriends American Sally Bowles. She is outwardly a
flamboyant, perpetually happy person who works as a singer at the decadent Kit Kat Klub.
Sally's outward façade is matched by that of the Klub, overseen by the omnipresent Master
of Ceremonies. Sally draws Brian into her world, and wants him to be one of her lovers,
until she learns that he is a celibate homosexual. Among their other friends is Fritz Wendel,
who wants to be a gigolo, and the straight-laced and beautiful Natalia Landauer, a Jewish
heiress. Fritz initially sees Natalia as his money ticket and falls for her.
Studio / Distributer: Allied Artists Pictures, ABC Pictures.



(PG, 2012, 127 mins)

Cast: Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, Adil Hussein.
Writer: Yan Martell & David Magee. Director: Ang Lee.
Synopsis: Winner of 4 Oscars and another 79 Awards plus 129 Nominations. A young man who
survives a disaster at sea is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery. While
cast away, he forms an unexpected connection with another survivor: a fearsome Bengal tiger.
Studio / Distributor: Fox 2000 Pictures, Dune Entertainment, Ingenious Media.